The Book or the Movie?

It’s the perennial question for any book turned into film (and the occasional movie turned into a book): Which one is better?  I’m often on the “book” side of the fence, but there are many movies that I’ve loved without ever having read the books behind them. I might never open up the pages of … Continue reading The Book or the Movie?



Catching up on my Bible reading plan—or at least trying to—I read aloud from Genesis this morning to my youngest child. Listening in was another young boy whom I will also claim. “Now it came to pass, when Isaac was old and his eyes were so dim that he could not see…” The account is … Continue reading Sinners

Who Is Teaching Christians How to Live?

Martin Luther and his fellow Reformers really “hammered” on the concept of Law and Gospel. After the church had by the 1500s corrupted the Apostles’ teaching, the Reformation clarified the definitions of these terms and pointed the church back to the words of Jesus and Paul to help us keep Law and Gospel straight. “Law,” … Continue reading Who Is Teaching Christians How to Live?